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Market Applications and Advantages

Power Barge Market Applications

  • Proven power plant design since 1940, with over 900 MW of Power Barge’s built since 1990 and many plants operating over 30 years.
  • Unlimited by power generation equipment size and weight or by plant capacity.
  • Single units or complexes located in port locations with minimal land acquisition.
  • State-of-the-Art combustion turbines and diesels on liquid and gas fuels with or without SCR’s.
  • Simple or combined cycle service for peaking, intermediate and base load markets.
  • Reference plant designs available.

Advantages of Power Barges

  • Faster deliveries and higher quality construction resulting in an increased availability and reliability.
  • Shop-built in a controlled environment by trained qualified labor workforce.
  • Highly modularized with extensive pre-outfitting and testing reduces on site commissioning risks.
  • Purchased on a turnkey basis or leased with O&M options.
  • Capable of pre-designed modification from fast track simple cycle operation to combined cycle mode with minimal operational impact.
  • Easily transported between sites creating flexibility to demand growth and location.
  • Financeable with U.S. Maritime Administration Title XI guarantees with terms between 12 and 25 years at 87.5% debt.